Dongguan Haiyu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Hengli, Dongguan, a high-speed developing industrial city, is a manufacturer of in-mold tapping machine, which integrates R&D, production and sales. It specializes in providing screw hole forming technology and automation equipment for five-gold stamping industry.

The Tapping internal die punching machine is a device specially designed for forming threads in stamping dies. Because of the integration of stamping and tapping, the second tapping process of stamping parts can be exempted, the cost can be reduced, the production efficiency can be improved, the precision of the threads formed is high and the strength is good. It is suitable for the continuous forming mold or the forward feeding extension mold. It is a promising tapping technology and is widely used in precision mold factories, hardware and electrical appliances factories. Electronic factory, toy factory, auto parts factory and so on.

Because professional, so excellent. Over the years, we have been in line with the "technology excellence, the pursuit of endless" corporate purpose, adhere to customer demand-oriented, to create a first-class enterprise as the goal, constantly learning advanced technology at home and abroad, add and update machinery and equipment, professional quality, perfect service, won the praise of customers at home and abroad Reputation has won praise from the same industry. Looking forward to the future, we are confident and the prospects are bright. We will continue to adhere to the belief of "new technology, high difficulty, high efficiency, low cost", boldly explore the design and processing technology of internal tapping machine, constantly improve the management level of enterprises, strive to create better economic and social benefits.